Ten 2024 Rap Albums You Haven't Heard But Should

A midyear look at some underrepresented 2024 LPs from Al.Divino, Midnight Sons, Semiratruth, and more.

Ten 2024 Rap Albums You Haven't Heard But Should

Well, it's Best Of The Year So Far feature season again at those other music media outlets. With few exceptions, these roundups heavily favor major label releases and agreeably obvious choices within those corporate bounds. As always, I can do without the semi-annual moan-fest among commenters and social media addicts over which Sony, Warner, or UMG artist got snubbed.

As longtime CABBAGES subscribers know, this newsletter pursues an agenda of hip-hop/rap music discovery, with a focus on independent artists. But it's a one-man show over here, and I typically can only manage about two or three album review recommendations into each week's edition. More often than not, there are several other good projects coming out every month that I just can't get to.

Below, I've tried my best to tell you a little about the 2024 albums I haven't been able to cover and that you more than likely haven't heard, all in one convenient list (And if you have heard these, hey, good for you!). I aimed to mostly spotlight artists I haven't covered much here before, though of course there are exceptions. What you won't find are major label releases, nor any albums/tapes/EPs I've already written about this year. This isn't meant to be comprehensive or self-affirming. I'm just hoping to turn you on to some records you haven't heard yet. Don't like it? You can new jack swing on my nuts.


The most prolific spitter in the current Massachusetts rap scene released three different projects in the first three months of 2024, and this unsettlingly dope collection encapsulates his hardcore yet heady aesthetic so well. (buy it / stream it)

Cavalier, Different Type Time

Backwoodz Studioz dropped a sleeper hit with this smoked-out set from the Brooklyn-bred, NOLA-based rapper who takes weed rap to new poetic heights throughout his autobiographical album. (buy it / stream it)

Estee Nack & Futurewave, Stone Temple Pyrex

Getting that Griselda look certainly raised the profile of Lynn, Massachusetts' narco-rap phenom, but here he demonstrates how his grimy rhymes thrive amid the Toronto beatsmith's signatures. (buy it / stream it)

Evilgiane & Slimesito, EVILSLIME

Surf Gang's distinctive producer locks in with Georgia's idiosyncratically monotone rapper for a string of leftfield drill runs and psychotropic post-trap variants that effectively hypnotize minds. (buy it / stream it)

J.U.S, Lord Of The Streams Part 1 "Greed In The Kingdom"

This ranking general in Danny Brown's Bruiser Brigade finally follows up his 2021 twin tapes GOD GOKU JAY-Z and GoFundMe Corvette with a compelling opening installment to his new series. (buy it / stream it)

LNDN DRGS, Affiliated 2

Jay Worthy and Sean House are undisputed modern maestros of that pimp-handed left-coast funk, and this sleek, guest-heavy collection serves to remind anyone who forgot or otherwise didn't know. (buy it / stream it)

Midnight Sons, Money Has No Owners

The pseudonym utilized here by Zilla Rocca and Chong Wizard calls back to some of Marvel Comics' wildest protagonists, so it's no surprise that their boom bap rap tracks easily surpass the subgenre's regressive tendencies. (buy it / stream it)

Semiratruth, The Star Of The Story

Having traded Chicago for Brooklyn, this utterly fascinating artist unveils an unapologetically singular and largely self-produced album sure to satisfy those who like their rap music couched in the form of fractured electronics. (buy it / stream it)

Steve G. Lover III & Lucille Ghatti, Drugz N' Alkohol

Packed with sugar-coated beats by Popstar Benny and MIKEJAXX, among others, this concise set from this makeshift duo embraces the two vocalists' glorious contrasts as much as their apparent rap synergies. (buy it / stream it)

Wavy Bagels & DRIVEBY, A Carfull

New York and New Jersey heads down with the hip-hop underground should know both of these dudes by now, but their willfully eclectic joint effort stretches the artists' abilities into quirky, cool new terrain with occasional assists by pals like Fatboi Sharif and OneShotOnce. (buy it / stream it)

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