CABBAGES All-Stars: billy woods & Blockhead on 'Street Smart'

Backwoodz Studioz guyz billy woods and Blockhead discuss the Morgan Freeman/Christopher Reeve drama.

CABBAGES All-Stars: billy woods & Blockhead on 'Street Smart'

This week on the CABBAGES hip-hop podcast:

The CABBAGES Podcast Network proudly presents CABBAGES All-Stars, a new and ongoing series where esteemed prior guests return in pairs to explore movies that demand discussion.

This third installment reunites billy woods and Blockhead, the two hip-hop masterminds behind 2013's Dour Candy. With new respective albums under their belts for Backwoodz Studioz, they join forces once again to discuss the flawed yet fascinating drama Street Smart (1987, dir. Jerry Schatzberg).

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