Podcast: Zilla Rocca On Blue Chips

On the first episode of 'Cabbages In Space,' the Philly rapper joins us on location to discuss Shaq's acting debut.

Podcast: Zilla Rocca On Blue Chips

This week on the CABBAGES hip-hop podcast:

Welcome to CABBAGES In Space! For the first time ever, Gary and Jeff take the show on the road, heading into OUTER SPACE (aka Philadelphia) to chat with special guest Zilla Rocca. The Wrecking Crew rapper brings his vast knowledges of basketball and hip-hop to this interplanetary exploration of the movie Blue Chips (1993, dir. William Friedkin, co-starring Nick Nolte and Shaquille O'Neal.)

Recorded live on location at 'The Infinite Order of Working Ideas studio' (Philadelphia, PA) with ialive.

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