Duncecast With Samurai Banana: Rocket League

For Episode 3, NYC hip-hop artists Duncecap and Samurai Banana discuss online gaming and sports games.

Duncecast With Samurai Banana: Rocket League


Dear chums Mike (aka Duncecap) and Tim (aka Samurai Banana) weather a literal thunderstorm in the hip-hop heart of Brooklyn while chatting about online gaming and sports gaming in their virtual treehouse.  

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Playing game consoles in hotel rooms
  • Tim’s aversion to playing games online (GTA Online)
  • Gaming with their fellow rappers (Gruff Lion, Googie, Big Breakfast)
  • Mike's online gaming faves: Unreal Tournament, Warhammer 2, Overwatch
  • Watching longplays and toxic speedruns on YouTube
  • Tim bonding with his Dad over ToeJam & Earl
  • Sports, online and IRL (Tecmo Bowl, Backyard Sports, Skate)
  • Why were people impressed by the Madden NFL 2001 graphics?
  • Mike loves golf (Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Mario Golf: Super Rush, Golf Story)
  • Arcade-y sports games as fantasy fulfillment (Tony Hawk, NFL Blitz)
  • Boxing and wrestling games (Def Jam: Vendetta, Fight Night, Ready 2 Rumble, Rocky)

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