Introducing... The CABBAGES Podcast Network

Learn about a forthcoming new podcast series. And check out a new episode of Cabbages with rapper Rich Jones.

Introducing... The CABBAGES Podcast Network

When I first started CABBAGES as a newsletter, doing a podcast to go with it was about the furthest thing from my mind. But now that we're well into the third season of the namesake flagship program, I've lived long enough inside the proverbial "podcast space" to see the potential for audio content. And so, being the brand-building entrepreneur type, I'm hereby announcing the launch of the CABBAGES PODCAST NETWORK.

Over the next several months and well into 2022, CABBAGES will expand its podcast roster with original programming catering to discerning hip-hop and rap music fans. The first of these new offerings is called DUNCECAST With Samurai Banana, a show about video games hosted by two New York indie hip-hop artists/personalities. You can listen to the trailer right now and subscribe ahead of the premiere next month.



Rapper Duncecap and DJ/producer Samurai Banana (both of NYC hip-hop collective Karma Kids) talk about video games, gaming culture, and their platonic male friendship.

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And if that weren't enough, there's also a brand new episode of our flagship show!

This week on the CABBAGES hip-hop podcast:

For this episode of the Cabbages hip-hop podcast, veteran rap critic Gary Suarez and his co-host, music industry insider Jeffery Laughlin, chat with Chicago rapper Rich Jones about Far Out Man (1990, directed by and starring Tommy Chong).

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Shout out to Steel Tipped Dove for supplying the theme music for the podcast.

For more information on Rich Jones, please visit his Bandcamp page.


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