Podcast: Aloe Vera & Steel Tipped Dove on 'Day Shift'

The 'Days Pass Strange' pair reteam to take on Snoop Dogg's 2022 vampire bounty hunter Netflix feature.

Podcast: Aloe Vera & Steel Tipped Dove on 'Day Shift'

This week on the CABBAGES hip-hop podcast:

This week's guests are Aloe Vera, a central Ohio-based rapper/activist, and Steel Tipped Dove, the Brooklyn producer behind the boards for countless hip-hop releases (including his own). Having made a lasting impression with their 2022 album 'Days Pass Strange,' the pair reunite for CABBAGES' Rapper Movie Season and chat with us about the vampire-hunting action-comedy Day Shift (2022, dir. J.J. Perry, starring Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg.)

FYI: Gary's microphone situation got all kinds of messed up on this one, so apologies in advance if he sounds a bit like he recorded with a tin can from inside a bigger tin can. Everyone else's voices are at far better sound quality.

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Shout out to Steel Tipped Dove for supplying the theme music for the podcast.

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