Podcast: Ham El-Waylly on 'The Gingerdead Man'

The chef and media personality joins the show for a holiday bonus episode about the 2005 Gary Busey slasher flick.

Podcast: Ham El-Waylly on 'The Gingerdead Man'

What?! Did you really think you were getting out of this wretched year without a holiday episode of the CABBAGES hip-hop podcast? Here's your gift for being such a nice fan of our naughty little show:

On this festive bonus episode of the Cabbages hip-hop podcast, chef and food media personality Ham El-Waylly joins hosts Gary Suarez and Jeffery Laughlin to chat about the unconventional Gary Busey slasher flick The Gingerdead Man (2005).

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Shout out to Steel Tipped Dove for supplying the theme music for the podcast.

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Actual photo of Ham El-Waylly (with dog Clem) watching 'The Gingerdead Man'

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