Bumper Crop: ShrapKnel on 'Booty Call'

Curly Castro and PreRock talk movies. Also: Kief On Kiefin' On, Cabbages At The Cinema, Big Body Bes Is Back.

Bumper Crop: ShrapKnel on 'Booty Call'
Lemon and Tangerine

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ShrapKnel's Sex Ed – Last year, PremRock appeared on the CABBAGES Hip-Hop Podcast during our stoner movie season. Unfortunately, the episode he was on happened to be about possibly the worst film we ever discussed: Bongwater (1998). Naturally, when I recently interviewed him and Curly Castro about the return of their rap duo ShrapKnel and their new album, that prior encounter became an unavoidable topic of discussion...

I'm really glad to have a chance today to talk to you guys about the new record and your processes.

PremRock: I'm very glad that I don't have to talk about a movie–

Curly Castro: –or a bad one. Because, G, we do that as friends. Sometimes, getting through a bad movie, I get caught up with, like when they were making this movie, if it's six months, three months through, they're like, hey man, this is a bad idea. But you know, the powers that be and all that money, you know, they have to get to the finish line. I just can't imagine, working on a bad movie halfway through it.

A few nights ago, my co-host Jeff and I watched Booty Call. Do you remember Booty Call?

Curly Castro: Oh God, yes. With the plastic wrap, right?

PremRock: There's a great Simpsons joke about Booty Call. Do you remember that? There is an episode where Homer is mad about a Mel Gibson movie, so he writes a letter to Mel Gibson.

Yes! I remember that.

PremRock: Mel Gibson somehow gets the letter, 'cause of course, and he is like, no, he's right, this guy's right! And he wants to remake this movie he had made, with the help of Homer. There are these two Hollywood agents, who kind of come in and out of The Simpsons every now and again. And they're talking about movies. They cut to them and they're like, did you see the director's cut of Booty Call?

Curly Castro: My thing with Booty Call, I had way more sex education than that movie gave me credit for. I was very disappointed in the Black leads and how misinformed their sex hunt was that night.